April 15, 2015

Emily Hilarity

Emily is almost four, and she is getting to be quite the hilarious little miss.
Today she saw one of the pictures from the baby shower the other day and she was super excited.  She kept laughing at it and talking about how silly she is.  Then she stops, sighs, and says, "I love me."

She told Daddy the other day that she needed an Emily trip.  Mike took her to Sonic for a burger and ice cream.  They had a great time, and she was so excited all afternoon talking about it.  It was quite adorable, and we just love that little girl.

 When they got their cheeseburgers, Emily opened hers up and said, "Oh no, Daddy!  It's gots SALAD on this!"  After removing the lettuce and tomato, Mike gave it back and then she noticed the mayo.  "Oh, no, Daddy!  It's gots SLIME on it!"  Mike convinced her to try it and she deemed it "dewicious!"

She calls us sir, mister, buddy, helper, etc.  So funny!  We love our funny little girl.  I know there's MILLIONS of things she says that make us laugh, but my pregnancy brain is not allowing anything else in.  :)


Mikayla said...

I miss this cute, hilarious girl!! So funny!

Mom said...

Children just don't realize how funny they are. When they try to be funny they usually aren't; it's when they are not trying that they do or say the funniest things.