March 17, 2015

The Makings of an Artist

It's been awhile since I had an Andrew the Artist post.  He went through a spell of only drawing Angry Birds and Cut the Rope (games he played on the iPad and stuff) and then didn't want to draw for awhile.  He started back up in January and started drawing sea creatures non-stop.  He then moved onto my favorite of his - "guys doing stuff."  Then he got on an animals kick and has since then been drawing those three things.  It's amazing.  He's so adorable, and so talented.  I love my little guy.
I came across this cute little cat he drew at the end of last year.

And a whale he drew during his non-drawing period.

Sometimes his artistic abilities extend to breakfast.

His "guys" are my favorite things ever.

This is the cutest vampire squid I've ever seen.

Andrew and Daddy playing the iPad.

From a Mo Willems book he likes.  I love the snake.

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