March 3, 2015

Fire, Water, Adventure - Part Two

 We checked into the hotel and the kids were so extremely excited.  We had enough hotel points saved to stay at an Embassy Suites in a suite.  Andrew kept saying, "This place is fannnnn-cy!"  It was nice, and since there were two rooms, we were able to put Andrew on the pullout bed, and the kids had playpens.  Emily for some reason was super excited about being a "baby girl."  It worked out well, because then Mike and I each had a double bed.
  I made myself a semi-circle of pillows.  I LOVED the pillows there.  They were perfect, and I had it set up so that when I had to roll over (which happens about 100 times a night now that this kid is getting so big) I had a pillow everywhere I needed................I was so sad to leave my little pillows of happiness.  Goodbye, sweet fortress of pillow-tude.
Charlie and Woof Woof were happy to relax.
Although they had a hard time relaxing.  Staying in a hotel is too exciting!
We then met up with the Deerings at Chick-fil-a and ate dinner, then let the kids tire themselves out in the playplace.  The kids were all so excited to see each other and sit by each other.  It's nice when your friend's kids are so sweet and awesome.  :)
   As if the kids weren't tired enough, we then all headed to the pool to get out any energy they may have had stored up.  Andrew was a big surprise because once Mike showed him that he wouldn't sink with the life vest on, he just took off!  He jumped in, swam on his own, and had the time of his life.
Charlie wasn't sure about it in the beginning, but once he was in for a minute or so, he was happy as a clam.  He would get out of the pool to talk to me, say "Water!  So fun!" then want to get right back in.  He did that about 5 times at least.
Can you tell how proud he was?  Sweet little Andrew.
Emmie loved Sydney (which is easy since she's the sweetest little gal.)
The kids loved jumping in together.
Nolan had a head start on this one.
And to finish up, this is easily the coolest picture taken this trip.  Andrew's legs!  The fact that they're in the air!  Their expressions!  It's really hard to get action shots, but this one is the best.
I have a million things to do, so I guess I'll finish this up another time. 

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Mom said...

You're right - the "jumping into the pool" shot is definitely great. I'm glad you got a chance to do fun things in KC and to visit with your friends. I'm also very glad you got home safely.