March 4, 2015

Fire, Water, Adventure Part 3

And we couldn't take a trip to KC without going to the aquarium.  Our house is 100% sea animal crazy, so this was definitely a must.

The teeny tiny clownfish made me squeal.

This kid was so excited to see moray eels.  It was kind of funny to see him running around recognizing all the animals and teaching us about them.

Emily was excited to get to touch a sea star, but each time she did she got a little freaked out.  It didn't stop her, and it was really funny for me to watch.

Emily liked looking at the fish,etc (the jellyfish were her personal favorite) but she was mostly just excited to fill out this little book they gave the kids.  You get it stamped at various checkpoints, and she was so excited about her "comic book."

Did we mention that we wore these kiddos OUT?

So, we did all this in 24 hours, and we were all extremely exhausted.  That, plus the crazy snowstorm that we were trying (in vain) to ignore meant that we headed home asap.  The weather got worse as we went on, but we were protected all the way home.

We were so happy to spend time as a family doing great stuff and spending time with great people.  Thanks, Deerings!  We'll see you soon.

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