February 1, 2015

When Daddy's Away...

Last week, Michael was at a training conference in St. Louis.  He learned a lot, helped teach some, and had a good time.  Better than that, he got to go to the temple with his dad and visited with his grandma a couple times.  I was glad he got to see her since we don't get to nearly enough.
  That being said, I HATE when he's gone!  It's harder with the kids (think 24 hour monkey madness) but even more than that, I just miss having my best buddy around.  Believe it or not, I kind of like that guy a lot!  Luckily for us, he missed us quite a bit, too. 
  When he came home, there were cheers of joy, kids running with arms outstretched toward Daddy, and lots of happy laughter.  But before he came home, there was FaceTime. 
  Have you ever used FaceTime before?  It's a pretty cute little Apple feature where you can (as the name might imply) speak face to face.  And somehow, the angle makes me look either like I have crossed eyes or a bizarrely long weird-looking face.  The kids weren't as concerned with their looks apparently, because here are a few little gems that Mike snapped while talking to the kids.
Andrew should rename it to NostrilTime.

 I'm pretty sure they had no idea their face was there.  It's little, like in this picture of Michael.  (By the way Mike, that was a rockin' morning hairdo you had going there.)

I'm so glad to have him back, so glad no one was sick while he was away (yay!), and glad we all like each other so very much.

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Jennifer said...

I've never used FaceTime before, but if I ever do I'd probably look just like Andrew.