February 9, 2015

Beautiful Kids

I can't help it.  My kids are just cute. 
Exhibit A:  Charlie with his puppy, Woof Woof
Exhibit B:  Andrew did Emily's hair the other day to make her look "stylish."
Mission Accomplished.
Ironically, she didn't cry out once in pain.  Not during the wet wipe rubbed on her head.  Not when he twisted her hair around the comb.  Not when he stabbed her head while putting in her bow.  I seem to remember a little girl who looks just Emily screaming, "Ow!  Get off me!  You're squishing my head!" when I was spraying detangler in her hair the other day.
Exhibit C:  Hello, ma'am.  I believe you called for a handyman?
Exhibit D:  Manual labor.
Exhibit E:  My little nightmare.  He chose that outfit himself.
Exhibit F:  He also chose this outfit, head to toe.
Exhibits G-Z:  These three.  Admit it.  CUTE.


Jennifer said...

Great photos! Love her face with the stylish hair.

Mom said...

Love the close-up of Charlie. Also the one of Emily wearing her glasses. Notice Andrew in the background. Did Charlie get a haircut? It looks shorter in the bottom pictures than it does in the one with Woof Woof.