February 17, 2015

Two Cute

I'm late in blogging about this, but I definitely didn't want to miss talking about our Charlie's 2nd birthday!  There wasn't a theme, and it wasn't fancy, but he had fun and we loved celebrating the birth of one of our absolute favorite people. 
How cute is he sitting so prim and proper waiting for his presents? 
Andrew made a picture for Charlie.  Sweet boys.
He was super excited about getting socks.  The other two just wanted him to move on.
It doesn't look like it here, but he was super stoked about this present.  Kwazii from the Octonauts with a vampire squid.  We love all things aquatic around here lately.  Andrew has learned all about marine animals and talks about them all the time.  Charlie talks about whale sharks and saw a picture of a crab and said, "It's a coconut crab, Mom!"  Cute boy.
Andrew provided all kinds of decorations.  Here is a happy birthday sign with lots of balloons.
Happy Birthday to the greatest little 2 year old in the world!!!  We couldn't love that little darling any more if we tried.

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