February 25, 2015

What's Up With Andrew?

What ISN'T up with Andrew?  This kid blows me away every day. 
  First and foremost, last night he decided that he wanted to read.  So he did!!!!!!  He read a whole book almost by himself with some help.  Today I got out some flashcards, and he knew 26 out of the 32 cards.  When we went through them again, he got them all.  HE GOT THEM ALL!!!!  I am so proud of this boy, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of me for following my scary inspiration to homeschool him.    
He wrote a letter to his Grandpa Barnard for his birthday (which got ruined before it got mailed...).  It said, "Dear Grandpa, Sorry to disturb you so happy birthday.  Love, Andrew"  He made all the letters pretty unrecognizable because they were all birthday items.  He's so cute.
Andrew went to the dentist.  He was so proud of himself.  He loved getting his teeth cleaned, and taught the hygienist and the receptionist about marine animals.  He thought the glasses were pretty hilarious, too.
No cavities; everything looked great!
He was a tad obsessed with the spit sucker.

During his rest time, he made interesting shadows.
And of course, he has been spending time with his best friend of all time - Daddy.  He told me the other day that he was a "little scared of dark, but I won't be if Daddy is here."
"I love you, Mom.  And Daddy is my favorite."
He even invited Mike to work with him in the garbage collection company he is starting.  Pretty nice of him.
I love this sweet, amazing, creative little 5 year old of mine!


Mom said...

What a special boy he is. You can be proud.

Anonymous said...

I look straight-up unhinged in that third picture.....

- Mike

kirsten said...

"Scary inspiration to homeschool"

Keep at it, you're doing great!