February 18, 2015

Snow Day

The kids have been asking me to make it snow all winter.  I finally obliged on Monday.  We were lucky that Mike already had Monday off so he could spend the day with us.
Charlie was really unsure about how to walk around in the snow, but quickly learned how to play by watching the older two.
Proof that I was there, and that the wind was trying to blow my scarf away.
Emily spent the entire time wanting to be pulled in the sled and eating snow. 
It was pretty cold, and it took way longer to get everyone dressed than it did for them to actually be out IN the snow.  Everyone was wearing at least two pairs of pants.  Charlie was wearing tights, and Andrew was wearing pretty purple boots.  Charlie thought they were cool, but Andrew did not enjoy wearing his boots.
I remember going out in the snow and playing for hours.  I'm glad to see the kids having so much fun with something as simple and beautiful as snow.

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Laura said...

I'm pretty sure we never played in the snow for hours. It just felt like hours because we were so freaking cold!