February 18, 2015

Eclairs, I declare...

Last year we started a Valentine's tradition of making a dessert together after the kids go to bed.  Last year was doughnuts, this year was French √©clairs. 
The lineup.  My favorite thing is the faces Mike made on the eggs.
We set up the tripod to get pictures of us.  This picture is entitled, "Forever Alone."
We didn't have a pastry bag, and forgot to get parchment paper, so our pate a choux had some troubles.  It worked out okay in the end though.  :)
Let's just say we had fun and made a lot of messes.
The finished product at 10:30 at night (hence the bad lighting in these pictures).  The verdict?  We're glad we made them, and they weren't horrible, but we felt it could definitely be improved.  The chocolate both inside and on top was so dark.  If you prefer dark chocolate, these might be perfect for you.  :)

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kirsten said...

we have a kinda tradition of making cream puffs on valentine's day. didn't happen this year, hence the kinda. i thought cream puffs and eclairs were super similar - but cream puff dough is kinda stiff! so I guess they're more different than i thought?

anyway, our fave filling is pudding (cook and serve vanilla) folded with whipped cream or cool whip to make a kind of mousse. then just a little melted chocolate on top... most of my kids don't really like dark chocolate either, plus I think the light fluffy filling is awesome. you might like that better.
i think your baking together is a cool tradition!