August 19, 2014


My husband is tricky.  Normally on Wednesdays, he has an all day docket, and then Scouts that night, so we don't get much time with him on those days.  Our anniversary was last Wednesday and he surprised me by an all morning, most of the afternoon date!  He arranged to get the babysitter and planned a fun day together.  It was a great way to spend our 9th anniversary.
First we went to Aunt Martha's Pancake House in Springfield.  Normally pancakes are not super exciting to me but these were goo-oood. 
Afterwards, he took me to the mall where we walked around for awhile, went shoe shopping, went to several thrift stores, and just basically spent time together talking.
When it got to be lunchtime, we went to a place called Farmers Gastropub.  It was so good!  I loved the atmosphere, too.  We actually get to go back this week because Mike's office is getting together for dinner.  Yay! 
 We loved trying new foods.  One of the best parts of being with Michael is that there really isn't ever a dull moment.  We talk about important things like our past, our future, our children, our hopes and dreams.  But we also talk about silly things.  We just have a lot of fun together.  And I think that is part of the story of our success.
Thanks for the fun date, sweetie! You can surprise me like that anytime.

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Mom said...

Good boy, Mike. Thanks for taking such good care of my little girl.