August 11, 2014


(Side note to start off) This happened while I was in the bathroom. Charlie got the icing I had made for some brownies I was bringing to an activity that night.  It looked like he had gloves and a full-on beard.  He was very happily scrolling through pictures and eating icing.  It was the most terrifying sight ever.  Camera works, but all the buttons have icing stuck deep inside.  I still love my son.
But on to the actual blog post!  Third time's a charm!!!!!  We were running out of diapers and she was waking up dry in the mornings so I bit the bullet and potty trained the girl for the third time.  And it's been fairly smooth!  Andrew and Charlie are very enthusiastic supporters, partly largely due to the M&M they all received when she went.  Emily calls them ah-nem-ahs.  And it's super cute.  We're really proud of her!
She also got her hair cut this week.  She screamed any time we had to comb her hair because of all the knots and tangles, so this was just easier.  It's been a couple days and as her hair recovers from the shock of being cut, it gets cuter and cuter.  Here she is the day after.

I loved how she looked like just a head and feet.

Before!  It was hard to see those beautiful long curls go.

And after!  She was not miserable, although she refused to smile for the camera.  When the hairdresser made the first cut in the front, Emily got wide eyed and said, "Ooh, are you making me a fairy princess?"  She was so happy.
There was another little girl her age waiting to get her hair cut.  The two of them looked at nail polish while I was paying.  She kept saying things like, "Okay, Emily (she thinks every little girl is named Emily).  We can look, but no touching, okay?  Isn't this one pretty?  We can paint our nails!  PINK!"  Then when we were leaving, she said, "Okay, little girl.  I'm going home now so the boys can see my hair.  Thanks for playing with me!"
We love our little girly girl.  :)

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