August 10, 2014


It almost seems impossible, but tomorrow Charlie will be 18 months.  Where does the time go?  I have really loved having him be our baby.  He's so sweet and adventurous.  Andrew told Emily a couple days ago that Mommy had baby twin boys in her tummy and their names were Charlie and Charlie.  (None of that statement is true, FYI.)  They LOVE their baby Charlie.
 It is becoming all too apparent that our little guy is growing up.  Way too fast.  WAYYYY too fast, people.  He tries to keep up with the big dogs (A and E) and isn't afraid of anything.  He is really independent now, and since my last blog about Charlie (only about 2 weeks ago) he has added about 15-20 words to his vocabulary.  (Mickey, teeth, ball, etc.) 
He is such a joy in our lives, and we love him to pieces.  We're so glad he came to live in our family.  We can't imagine our lives without our little Charlie boy.

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