August 3, 2014

I Can Can. Can You Can? Can You?

As I have said before, our garden is awesome.  And we decided that if we're going to be blessed with all these great vegetables, we'd better preserve them!  Nothing is worse than having to throw away food simply because it went bad on the counter.
Hello, beautiful.
We decided to learn to can.  I've always been petrified to even consider doing it, because it seemed such a daunting and exhausting task. 
Turns out, it really wasn't so bad!  It took a long time since it was our first time, but it wasn't hard, and we now have 6 quart jars of tomatoes that we can pop open and use any time we want!
And I look straight-up out of my mind in this picture.
We have some tomato sauce to can tomorrow.  It's awesome to see those jars on the shelf.  :)

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Littlest Liz said...

That is so flippin' exciting! I can't wait until we can have a little garden! It's so productive!!