August 3, 2014

All's Fair in Bolivar

Springfield had a fair this week, so yesterday we packed up the kids and brought them.  Two things: 
2.  They had a lot of fun.
If it hadn't been as hot as the surface of the sun, and if the rides hadn't cost more than my entire wardrobe, it would have been more fun for the adults.  :)
The kids liked riding the rides.  Andrew sat either with his hands over his eyes or with a blank expression on his face the whole time.  But when asked what he thought, he would say, "Good.  Let's go on another one."  Emily, on the other hand, looked around smiling and laughing and acted like it was the most magical thing that had ever happened to her.
Charlie's favorite part was waving at Andrew and Emily while they were on the rides.
Yes, Mom.  Of course I'm having fun.  Can't you tell?
Get me down from here.  I want to run away and get lost.
Andrew wanted to go on the gigantic slide.  It was SOOOO tall, and halfway up the stairs he looked down at me saying, "Mama.  It's so big."  I told him he could still do it if he wanted, and he'd be okay.  I was proud of him for doing it, although he looked pretty terrified going down.  He says it was his favorite part of the fair.  Go figure.
Yep.  They're cute.

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The Reynders Family said...

Love it! I wondered what the Fair would be like. I contemplated going... it just didn't work out. Love hearing of your fun family adventures :).