April 13, 2014

Which Came First?

The Chicken?  Or the egg?
We found out the answer!  It's the chicken of course!
On Thursday, the kids were looking out the sliding glass door and were super excited.  Then I saw the chicken.  Apparently she just wanted to come for a visit.  The kids were super excited.  She even laid an egg in our backyard.  Her owners were happy to find her, though.
It particularly cracked Andrew up that it flew up and stood on our chairs.  When I asked why he thought the chicken had come by, he said, "Just to see our beautiful pictures."  Probably so.  Our sidewalk chalk pictures are pretty gorgeous.
Then tonight we decided to dye Easter eggs.  The kids were pretty excited about it.  (Please ignore the mess in the background.  Mike was gone at a conference for a couple days and the kids and I have been sick- fevers, ear infections, upper respiratory infections, headaches, general yuckiness.) 
They really had a great time, but apparently it's impossible to get any pictures of them smiling.
Andrew is really good at smiling for the camera when I ask him to, but they aren't always the most natural smiles.  And he doesn't always look at the actual camera.
I took the one of Andrew, then took one of Mike, who posed like our favorite 4 year old.  And when we looked at the pictures, we laughed like crazy.


Jeanette said...

LOL! The last pictures made me laugh. Yeah the chicken is awesome. You didn't tell me she laid an egg though. That's awesome.

Mom said...

Are you beginning to feel better, or has your yuckiness just started? Hope you are all well by Friday.

KarenEJacobs said...

We are getting better. It started on Thursday, so we've had time to recover.