April 22, 2014

Because they crack me up.

 My kids are always saying something that makes me laugh. 
1.  Lately if Andrew wants us to stop singing or something, he says we're squishing his head.  "Can you stop saying that, Emmie?  You're squishin' my head."

2.  Emmie looked outside the other day and said it was "windy to-gain."  A combination of today and again.

Someone gave us this baby thingie, and Emily LOVES it.  She always begs to be put in it, and looks so ridiculous, but has a great time so I don't care.  :)
3.  When the girl gets mad lately, she will point her teeny finger at people and say angrily, "Don't make soup!"

4.  When she wants attention, she will often tell me that one of the boys is "fighting her."  "Mommy, Ande-rew fightin' me."

5.  Andrew got hurt the other day and said, "I'm okay.  I'll live."
Andrew picked out his outfit that day.  A pj shirt with a shirt put on backwards, underwear, and my slippers.  Then he helped by sweeping the floor.  I'll take it.

6.  Andrew - "I don't like puppies.  I'm not going to change my mind about puppies.  I just like kitties."
The back view, and our little blur baby.
7.  Andrew and I were reading a book about cats and I read that on this certain cat, there were about 130,000 hairs per square inch.  Andrew said, "Woah.  Hey!  That's kind of like you!  You're that much!"  So I asked if he thought I was 130,000 years old, and he said yes.  There are days when I feel like maybe that's true.
8.  Andrew told us tonight that his friends Nellie and Evelyn are his favorite girls.  Pretty cute.
Eating cheerios, fistfuls at a time.
9.  Charlie snuck outside today while we were playing at a friend's house and when I found him, he was standing in a mud puddle, splashing sticks into the water with the most excited look on his face.  I called out to him and he panicked, thinking that I would make him stop.  That made him stumble forward and fall face forward in the puddle.  Then he started yelling at me.  I think maybe you had to be there, but it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
10.  I told Andrew it was rest time, and he told me that was not a "correct right idea."  Oh.
11.  I was making sausages for dinner the other night and Andrew came in and told me "those sausages grabbed my nose!"  Apparently he thought they smelled good.  :)
12.  Emily had her finger in her nose the other day and I told her to take it out.  "Mom!  I have to get this nut out of my nose!"  Andrew just about fell over laughing.  I explained that we could just blow her nose, and that that wasn't a nut.
Daddy time.  Not pictured is Charlie who was grabbing the other leg seconds before.

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Yvonne said...

So funny :) Love all the qoutes. Cute kids!