April 2, 2014

Resolution Check-in (March)

1.  Lose 50 lbs   Down 4 pounds this month.  That's only 8 for the year, but it's a pretty good start.  Plus I went down a pants size, so that was pretty much awesome.  Weight is weird.  Some of the shirts that fit me back before Thanksgiving and Christmas (when I was 5 pounds lighter than now) are too big now.  That's weird. Also, yay.
 A picture Mike took of my getting ready for church
A picture I took of myself wearing my new size pants
2.  Read 50 books Maybe I need to start enjoying books on tape or something (books on tape?  I'm pretty sure if anyone under the age of 25 heard me say that, they would think I was very old.  I guess they're called audio books.  :) )  because I have only read 6 this year.  I LOVE reading at night in bed, but the problem is no matter what time I start, within 5 minutes, I'm asleep.  And this can be a little dangerous as last night I dropped the book on my head when I was nodding off.  :)
3.  Read the scriptures more this year.  It's going well, and I only missed 2 days I think.
4.  Spend time/Read to kids each day.  Andrew said to me the other day, "I like just spending time with you, Mom."  And the feeling is mutual.  The kids are so dang funny, and although it's nice to get time to myself sometimes, I really love spending quality time with them.
March= On the right track!


Jennifer said...

Lookin' good!

Yvonne said...

Agree with Jenifer above :) Look'n good! And congrats on the other great goals. AND, Audio books are awesome! I listen during naps while I clean, fold laundry, or just eat lunch :)