April 6, 2014

A Nice Addition to the Family

No.  Not another baby.  But yeah, I know I had you thinking that for a sec.
There are actually two additions.  One was a baby swing for Charlie.  He kept wanting to swing on the big swings, or getting knocked to the ground because he was getting too close.  He loves his swing!  Andrew and Emmie have been very sweet trying to push him in it.
And can we all weep just a little for me, because LOOK at how big my baby has gotten.  He has grown up so fast!

We had some friends come over the other day, and they brought the best gift imaginable to a little Andrew we know.  TADPOLES!  They have grown so much this week, and it's fun to see them swim around.  I'm always convinced we're going to kill them, but they're hardy little suckers, and are super easy to take care of.  Thanks, Kamerer kids!

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Mom said...

The picture makes Charlie look tall and oh so happy. What will you do with the tadpoles when they turn froggy? They can't stay in all water, can they?