April 10, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

Life with little Charlie Boy is never boring.  He's hilarious and sweet, and on top of all these great qualities, he's a seriously active and climbing little man.  He gets on top of everything. 
Plus he's one cool cat.
 Aaaaa yeah.
 When I got home from grocery shopping the other day, Charlie was still up.  He decided that climbing in the fridge, making a ruckus, and start pulling everything out.

And when I put the grapes away, he decided that he needed to start eating them immediately.  When I took them away to wash them for him, I broke his tiny little heart.  He took the grapes out of his mouth that he had shoved in and threw them on the ground.  Tiny baby rage.  Our house is full of it.

His newest toy is the washing machine.  He loves to go and bang on it.  It makes a fantastically loud noise.


Jeanette said...

He's so adorable! Any time the fridge opens Sawyer is there in a flash. I don't know how he moves so fast....

Mom said...

I don't blame them. I get there pretty quick when the frig opens too. The picture of Charlie in his sunglasses is so cute.