June 19, 2013

Typical day (in pictures)

A typical Charlie face.

One of Mike's talents is that he can put basically anything in his eyes and they'll stay.  It's....weird.  And yet, it makes the kids laugh.

"Call me for your free readin'."  Doesn't she look like Miss Cleo?  This is what she looked like when we checked on her the other night.  (That's Night-Night, her lamb, on her head)

Yes, she is two.   Reminds me of a similar instance 2 years ago, when her brother did the same thing.  But she really went to town.  It was all over both legs, her stomach, and one arm.  When I saw her, she said, "Uh-oh, Mama!  What happened, Mama?!"

I walked in to find Emily trying to feed a chocolate chip cookie to Charlie.  He REALLY didn't mind and got mad at me when I made her stop.  Then he licked his lips for a good couple of minutes. 

Two things:  1.  If Charlie survives these two and their "help" we will be lucky.  They were actually being really gentle with him while trying to get him a drink.  And 2.  I do clothe my children.  Honestly.

Imagine Emmie's excitement when I let her feed Charlie peas.  It was his first time eating solid food and he liked it pretty well.  Now everytime Emmie eats something, she insists that he needs to eat, too.

This boy and his faces.  He totally cracks us up.

Emily has been sick this week.  Poor little baby.  She's a bit of a diva when she's sick.  By the end of the first day, she wouldn't walk anywhere and when I carried her, she laid back straight as a board as if she was the Queen of the Nile or something.  I had to give her little sips of water out of a cup, otherwise she would chug it and throw up.  When I started doing that, she was lying down, so I lifted her head a bit to give her the drink.  Apparently she liked that, because then she insisted she couldn't lift her head.  She really was very sick, but she was also making me laugh with her pathetic-ness.  This is what she did when she was tired of laying down.

Another typical Charlie face.

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