June 2, 2013

Curious George Birthday Party

Today was Andrew's birthday, so we threw him a (what else?) Curious George birthday party.  He's stopped impersonating George now.  Well, he'll do it sometimes, but for about a year, when he was awake, he was George.  Anyway, he had a great day today.  Thanks to all of our buddies that made it so nice.  The kids sang a song for him in Primary at church today, and he told me about it later.  It made him so happy.  Such a cute little four year old.
And is it just me, or is four SO much older than three?  Four just seems like such a big kid.  Anyway.
Emily helped me color some pictures from a Curious George coloring book last night.  Pretty cute.

Best idea I've gotten from the internet?  Blow up balloons and then just string the ends and hang them up that way.  Amazing.  Oh, and if you look just to the left of that clock, I stuck a plastic banana to the wall.  I thought that was a nice touch.  haha

I was going to make a cake with a certain loveable cartoon monkey on it, but decided to make these cupcakes instead, because they were much easier.  (And I'm so glad I did.  I tried to draw it last night and...let's just say that even his own mother couldn't have picked him out of a line-up.)  I also got this idea online.  All the kids were going crazy over the monkey cupcakes.  And Mike drew a little banana for Andrew. :)

Some of Andrew's buddies.  He set this up for them and one of the kids even told me they would be sleeping here tonight.  :)   Andrew adores the Ferguson kids.

I'm glad he does, because I adore my Ferguson friend, Meagan.  :) 

Then the Reynders came over for cupcakes.  Andrew also loves the Reynders kids, which is great for me, because I love my friend Yvonne.  She's the cutest pregnant lady I know.  :)  Also, kudos to Emmie for photobombing this picture.

I tried to cut the ribbon for him and he said he needed the scissors.  I was going to let him do it himself, but he gave them to Nathan and said, "Nafan?  I want YOU to help me, okay?"

Andrew adores "Nafan."  Not only is he SUCH a big kid (six) but he's just an awesome kid.  They gave him this Curious George stuffed animal and he threw his arms around him and thanked him. This picture is too cute.

The camera battery died so while it was charging, I used the camera on the iPad.  (Hence the low quality.)  Andrew loves Peter.  When they came in, here was the interchange:
P:  Happy Birthday, Andrew!
A:  Happy...Uh....Yeah!
Then they threw their arms around each other.

He liked when we sang to him.

And....the cupcakes were a hit.
All in all, it was a super fun day for a super fun four year old.

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Natalie said...

Super cute! Also your hair looks so cute! We miss you guys.