June 25, 2013

The Fair

On Emily's birthday, Andrew was having a didn't-sleep-enough-too-much-excitement-too-little-alone0with-dad-time so Mike took him to the Polk County Fair while I hung out with the birthday girl.  You're probably thinking rides, funnel cakes, the whole shebang.  Here in Bolivar, it is pig scrambles, poultry shows, etc.  :)  But on Saturday morning, they did have a bouncy house and some kid's games.  Mike and I went on a date on Friday night and went to the goat show.  (It was basically a 4-H event.)  Anyway, Andrew had a really great time.
A BOUNCY HOUSE!  Andrew's never been in one before, but it is totally up his alley.  He played by himself before, and then a nice older boy was in there and Andrew did everything he did. 

 Then they went to the swine show.  Andrew has never seen a pig in real life before, so he had a great time.
 Counting the cows.

 Playing a game.  He was really supposed to be behind the orange line.  Oh well, he got a prize anyway.  :)
 He was really impressed with the tractors.  And oh my goodness does he look like a big boy here.  WHen I saw it, my jaw dropped.  Our little guy is really growing up...
Happy boys.

Waiting for the tractor ride, holding one of his prizes (a pencil with horses on it).

 Mike said he spent the entire ride waving.  Apparently he thought he was Miss America or something.  This guy is so stinking cute.  We just love our little Andrew.
He was mostly excited about his medal.  This is what he calls his "face happiest."

And then he got to shuck corn for the first time.  I remember doing that when I was a little kid, and it was super exciting to have that job.  He was having a little trouble so I said, "Are you having a tough time?" and he said, "No, just a good time."

What a sweetheart.


Mom said...

This whole thing is soooo adorable. Andrew is looking so much older. When did this happen???

Mom said...

The picture of Andrew shucking corn reminds me of David (Jacobs).