June 18, 2013


No shower.
The same clothes for two days straight.
Baby spit-up on my shirt.
Toddler vomit on my feet.
Patience thin.
I'm not thin.
Emmie is sick.
Charlie is needy.
Dishes in the sink.
Piles of clean (yay) laundry that needs to be put away.
Andrew needs me.
Haven't worked out in a week, meaning no YMCA with my "mom therapy" sessions with Meagan.
 And I'm pretty sure my husband is wondering why I have a crazy look in my eyes.

It hasn't been a terrible start to the week, but it hasn't been stellar, so please excuse me if I seem a little off.

Also, I'm pretty sure I painted more of my toe than my toenail the other day.  Meh.


Christine said...

Kudos to you for painting your toes, I can't even find my anymore!

It was the best silver lining I could come up with! Hang in there, you are awesome!

Mom said...

I've been there. Not that that makes it any better, but just to let you know that you'll live through it and things will eventually get better. Love to you and yours,

Jensen Family said...

You're reminding me of how I felt after Soren was born AND how I will feel in a month or so... Hugs!