June 23, 2013

Emmie's Kitty Party

Yesterday our baby girl turned two.  Times sure does fly when you're having fun, huh?  Since she pretends to be a kitty pretty much every day, we decided to throw her a kitty party.  She approved.  "Mama!  I see kitties!"
A bit of the decorations.  I realize you can't really see kitties anywhere here.  She had Hello Kitty plates and cups and I colored some pictures of Hello Kitty and taped them all over the wall.  Clockwise from top left: 2 strings of pink, blue, white and yellow balloons and those little swirly star thingies (and a cute impromptu hug picture of Mike and Andrew), Balloons and the birthday girl eating a snack, a ribbon/balloon entryway, and a "2" made of watermelon and pineapple squares.
Andrew tried the watermelon when I was cutting it and said, "Mom!  It's not bick-gusting!"  I'm glad it wasn't disgusting, buddy.

 This was the cake, which I think turned out pretty good.  It was layers of chocolate and butter yellow cake with vanilla and chocolate icing alternately.  And it was gooooood.
Emmie opening one of her presents.  Andrew cut the ribbons for her, which was nice.

 Opening another present with me, just as proof that I spent the day with her as well.  We got her some wooden puzzles.  She and Andrew are having a great time with them. :)  And I need to learn to sit up straight.  Geesh.
I love her little tongue sticking out here.  She got so excited when Mike put the cake down.  I'm pretty sure she thought that was her plate.

Happy Birthday, Dear Emily!

Emmie said she wanted to play with Sarah, so we invited the Fergusons to the party.  She gave her a little pink purse (on the coffee table) with some play jewelry in it.  Emmie felt so grown up and has been carrying it around since. 
This picture is of me opening the play food Aunt Amy gave Emmie. (Thanks, Aunt Amy!)  The kids were ALL super excited about it and spent quite a long time afterwards playing in the pretend kitchen.  And the picture cracks me up.  Every single kid crowded around. 

Em and Sarah - they were excited, just trust me.  They were busy watching a DVD from Aunt Laura (Thanks, Aunt Laura!) so were a little distracted.
Thanks also to Grandma and Grandpa Barnard for the whistles and other musical instruments.  We've had some family parades in the living room today.  :)
And thank you to all of you who have loved our little kids and make them feel so special.  As a parent, you appreciate any and all positive reinforcement your kids get.
And thank you to the Academy for the award.
I'm apparently losing my mind.
But what else is new.
Okay, I'm done now.

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