December 7, 2012

Christmas Festivities

We've been Christmasing it up here lately.  Here's some of what we've done. 
Hanging Christmas lights

Making Christmas trees out of ice cream cones, icing, and candy with friends.

Eating the trees as fast and efficiently as possible.  I was actually pretty impressed with how clean this metheod was.

Although Emily's metheod is pretty awesome, too.

This may be my favorite picture of all time.  That's after he ate some sugar sprinkles straight.  He looks like a drug lord, or possibly Uncle Rico.

I've never made a gingerbread house or anything before, so I was super excited to make a graham cracker one with my good buddy Liz.  She moved a few months before we did, and ended up 30 minutes away from Bolivar.  Talk about your good luck!  Love that girl.

Lights at the park.  And no, we weren't going at light speed.  That's just the effect.  We were actually going about 3 miles an hour here.

Emily kept saying, "Woah! Woah!  Woah!" from the back.

Writing letters to Santa

That's my girl.

Picking out a Christmas tree.  All the way there, and all the way back, Andrew asked me to sing "O Christmas Tree" so he could interrupt and quote the grandma from Garfield's Christmas.  Complete with the doo doo's, etc.  He also told me the other day that he was "eating for two now, dear."

Eating snacks under the tree.

Decorating the tree

And just for your info, I love that guy.


Jeanette said...

I say for the millionth time....I so wish we lived close to each other. Such cute little guys!

Mom said...

I always love your pictures. They are so funny eating their ice cream cone trees. And Emily with the paint brush up her nose! I have to agree with Andrew's Santa letter. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Have a good Christmas; then we'll see you soon.