December 14, 2012

A Heavy Heart

  By now, I'm sure all of you have heard plenty about the horrific shooting in Connecticut today at the elementary school.  Twenty children aged 5-10 have been killed, as well as the shooter's mother, and 6 adults.  My heart literally hurts.
  I can't stop thinking about those poor little children, as well as their families.  I keep thinking about all the sweet little kids who were scared out of their minds, and have friends and teachers who were killed.  I keep thinking of that community that is rocked with grief.  I think of the parents whose Christmas is no longer a happy time, of the presents from Santa that won't be delivered.  I think of the father and brother of the shooter, and the pain they must be feeling.  I think of all the parents across America with children in schools, scared that something like this could happen to their precious children.  I think of my own children, and break down in tears thinking how lucky I am that they are alive, well, and happy tonight.
  I know this post isn't the most uplifting thing you've ever read.  Most of the time, the news doesn't get me down.  I know I have a Heavenly Father who is in charge of all that goes on, and that through the Savior we can get through any trial or tribulation.  I really do know that.  This shooting, however, has really shook my soul.
  Some of you may be aware that before Thanksgiving, a young man in town had bought guns and ammunition with the intent of going on a shooting spree here in town.  His mother was concerned that he might be up to something and turned him in to the police, preventing a horrible event to happen to our town and saved countless lives.  I am so incredibly grateful to that mother for being selfless.  It would be so difficult to turn in your child, but her act changed so many lives for the better (including her son).  Heavenly Father certainly blessed us.
  I am holding my kids extra tightly today.

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Jeanette said...

Seriously. I have shed many tears today for all of the same reasons. Words just can't even express the sadness I feel for the family and friends of those involved. I know I can't put my children in protective bubbles but I sure wish I could. I'm so thankful to have my sweet baby here safe with us. At least one of my kids can be in a protective bubble for another 5 months. :)