December 23, 2012


I turned 31 the other day.  Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes.   The kids did surprise me with their version of handmade presents - I got to change 6 stinky diapers.  Wow, thanks kiddos!  :)  Seriously, though, it was a a good day.  Andrew said in the morning, "Sorry, Mommy.  Sorry but it's my birthday today.  I want a birthday, okay Mommy?  So, sorry about that."  I told him he had had a lot of birthdays this year and asked how old he was.  He very seriously told me that he is now 10.  Wow, these last 7 years have flown by, apparently.

Mike's present was more fun.  All the Sesame Street Old School DVDs!  I think it's funny that a 31 year old woman not only received but was excited to receive Sesame Street for her birthday!   :)  Mike must know me or something.  :) 

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