September 1, 2012

He speaks!

Andrew has learned to put on his pants by himself and his shirt with some help.  I love how high he pulled these with his chicken legs sticking out.  He was so proud.
Andrew has always been an adorable little guy (not that I'm biased) but since he's really been talking, he has gotten even cuter.  He says prayers now, and they are so cute and sweet.  I'm glad he's learning that we think it's important.  Anyway, here are a few little gems.

  "Mommy?  Wanna go to da sutermarket and get coins and money?  We'll get three dollars.  Won't that be fun?"

  (At the farmer's market this morning, talking to one of the random farmers there) "Hey dere!  How ya doin'?  We buyin' amatoes. (tomatoes)"

  (After I sneezed) "Oh!  Mommy, bless you!  Bless you, Mommy!"

  (While eating breakfast with me) "Mommy, is that good?......oh, good!"

His all-time favorite song is what he calls Bonny Bonny Banks, otherwise known as Loch Lomond's Lament.  You can hear it here -

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Mom said...

It's so nice when they start to talk so you can find out what is going on inside their heads.

I had never heard the Corries before. I loved it. We're Scottish on the Rough side.