September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to You!

Andrew told us out of the blue this morning that his birthday was next week.  He was super excited about it, and we were a bit confused as his birthday is in June.  :)  We decided then to have a birthday party for everybody today.  We spent the morning at the library, then bought a tiny cake, some clearanced party supplies, and watched Jungle Book for the first time.  
Noiseless Noisemakers!

A friend of ours gave us these adorable little couches for the kiddos.  We finally got these out for the movie.  Emily has started saying cheese when she sees the camera.  She's such a little ham.  They look so cute on those couches.

"Napkins?  For me?  Wow!  Thanks, Mommy!"

Me, with wet hair, in the midst of singing Happy Birthday. 

Mmmmmm, cake!
Happily dancing to our singing.
So if you've had a great day, it may just be because it was your birthday.  Or if you've had a bad day, perhaps it's because no one wished you a happy birthday on your very own birthday, for goodness sakes.  Or maybe it IS your birthday, in which case sorry for stealing your thunder.  But we had fun anyway.  :)

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Laura said...

I wondered when I saw the title who was having a birthday. YIKES!! If that child starts having a birthday every three months we all are in for it!