September 28, 2012

Really Great Day

Today was just a really great day.  We found out that our third little kiddo is going to be a boy, and then we spent the day together.  Be prepared for a zillion photos.
We went to the park, where Emmie immediately ran  to the swings.

What a gorgeous, funny gal.

The boys, minus the 14 oz one in my tummy.

Mike climbed up there, and Andrew was VERY impressed.  So....

Up he went.  He's lucky to have such a fun daddy.

Emily loved going down the slide, but needed some encouragement to go down.  Andrew tried a couple times, but she wasn't as fond of him grabbing her by the shirt and tossing her down.  :)

Those are Mike's shoes, not Em's. :)

Pulling daddy down the slide.

Me and baby Mario (that's a nickname, by the way, not what we're naming the kid) with our little escape artist in the back.  I'm in for an interesting time chasing three Jacobs kids, I think.


I love this picture, from the look they're giving each other, to her tiny tummy sticking out.

On the way home, we saw hot hair balloons in the distance, so we decided to track them down.  And  I'm so glad we did! Andrew was so amazed and happy.

I loved how he was standing.

Waving good-bye to the "hot air ba-loo."

Helping Daddy tie his apron for dinner.

Emmie with the balloons turned into Angry Birds, by Andrew's insistence.

Papa Murphy's has a little pizza the kids can make on their own.  Andrew thought it was pretty cool.

It really was a great day.  I love my little family.


Jeanette said...

It looks like a really fun day!

Laura said...

Well, Karen, it seems you have had more posts since you went into "radio silence" than you ever did before! Not that I'm complaining. I love the pictures of the kids.