September 16, 2012

Farmer's Market

We love going to our local farmer's market.  Not only can you get some really good produce and other food (especially the salsa - it's soooo good) but it's just a fun environment.  Sometimes there will be live music, and it's always a great place to go people watching.

And getting fresh tomatoes and other vegetables definitely helps make a REALLY delicious mozzarella and tomato sandwich.  Mmmmmmm....

Some of our haul from a couple weeks ago.

Andrew sat and watched this couple sing for a good half hour and had to be coaxed to leave.

Emily holding the gourd Andrew bought.  She seems to like going to the market, although she does seem confused most of the time we're there.  :)
Eating chocolate chip cookies and listening to music.  Yeah, he had a fun time.

Yep, I was there too!  

I have to admit, I think those kiddos are pretty darling.  Andrew was killing me in his Rocky hat.

He spent most of the time on the fence, although he did venture to that big rock sometimes and sat and watched there.

Remember the whole "people watching" thing?  Well, Mike and his brother were standing there when this guy came up and said, "They need a shock-collar for girlfriends.  What's the counter-sign for apostle this week?  Spoons?  Is it spoons?........I think it's spoons.  Last week it was red rooster, but this week it's spoons.........I'm looking for a girl with blue hair."  And then he walked away.  Yep.

It was nice to have him with us this week!  The kids have looooved it.

Me with the Farmer's Market behind me.  It was bright.  That's why it looks like I only have slits for eyes.  Mystery solved.  You're welcome.

Yeah, I love that guy.

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Anonymous said...

In the picture of me and Andrew on the fence together, it looks like I have a regular sized body and tiny little legs. It's funny once you see it.