August 29, 2012


Thanks to my awesome in-laws and my parents (last minute - thank you!), Mike and I were able to get away for a couple of days and head to Springfield, IL.  It was so fun to just spend time together.  I'll admit that although some of the highlights of the trip were getting to eat without first making 2 little plates and cooling them off, getting to go to the restroom without anyone banging on the door crying, the freedom of going out whenever we wanted, etc. we were still beyond excited to get back to our little sweethearts and being a family again.  But I would totally do it again.  It was freaking awesome.
Lunch on Monday

Standing in front of a really weird Lincoln painting, waiting for a movie to start that  didn't actually happen.
 I called the city tourist office because I saw that they had performances around town.  What she told me was that there was going to be a performance at the Old Capitol building about the underground song.  I was so happy, thinking we were going to go to a weird, train-wreck performance.  Turned out it was a critically-acclaimed film called The Underground that I was really excited to see.  But it wasn't going to start for a long while so we headed out.  Bummer.  I was wanting either a great film, or a train-wreck.  :)
"I'm just a bill here on Capitol Hill."

Eating a horseshoe - it's meat, cheese sauce, fries, all on top of a piece of bread. Weird, but very good!

I have a confession.  I REALLY love staying in a hotel.  I get super excited about all the pillows, the free breakfast, the comfy beds, the ridiculous t.v., and yes, getting ice from the machine.  Here I am over-dramatizing (a bit) my excitement over staying at the hotel.  :)  FYI, I love the Drury Inn.  Except that their shampoo smells weird.

The Lincoln Museum is sooooo awesome.  We spent so much time there, and just loved it (as usual).  I recommend it strongly, especially if you are a Lincoln fan.  And no, I don't know why the figure in front is so ticked off.  Maybe he didn't get to stay at a hotel.

On the way home.  Excited to see the kiddos, totally in love, and happy to be together.

Mandatory stop at Ted Drewes for Big Apples

Delicious.  The ice cream, not me.  Please don't eat me.  You'd regret it.

If you have never been to the Gyro Company in St. Louis, I weep for you.  It is so incredible.

I want another one.  Right now.
We had such a fun time.  Thanks again to our babysitters.  The kids had such a fun time, too!


Natalie said...

Looks like so much fun! Childless getaways are amazing. Miss you guys!

Mikayla said...

That looks super fun!! (: I've been to that Abe Lincoln museum because my Grandpa used to live there- it's pretty cool! (:

Jennifer said...

Doesn't it feel good to get away for a little while? Good for you!