August 12, 2012


I saw a cartoon online of a baby and above it, it said, "I'm sorry you're sick, Mommy.  Just kidding.  I don't care."

Well, that's so true it's funny.  :)  Emily and I have had this massive cold with sore throats and fevers since Wednesday or so.  Andrew's starting to get sick, but Mike is (cross your fingers) staying healthy for now.  You really never appreciate being well until you are sick.

But I did come up with a great insight yesterday.  I was looking around at the state of the house (which wasn't looking so great) and wishing that I wasn't so dizzy and weak so I could do SOMETHING.  I had been praying to recover quickly and to feel better, but I realized that I could be specific.  I prayed that I would have the energy to help clean the kitchen and get the dishes done.  About 5 minutes later, I realized I was cleaning up toys in the living room, which meant I had some energy!  So I went to the kitchen and started cleaning.  I was able to fill the dishwasher, then although I had to do this pathetic sit-down-and-sweep kind of action, I was able to get the kitchen looking manageable.  Michael's been taking care of us, and doing a good job of it, but I was so glad to be able to help.


Mikayla said...

I hope you get well soon!! We all miss you!! XOXO

Mom said...

You sound pretty pathetic. I can sympathize though since all mothers do that sort of thing. Mothers feel guilty when they aren't working. I'm glad you're starting to feel better. We don't appreciate our normal health until it's gone I guess. I think I'll be grateful right now!!!

Jill said...

No fun! I totally get that cartoon. Everybody wants taking care of when they're sick, but when Mom is, the favor is not quite returned, is it? Hope you are feeling better by now.