August 12, 2012

Good Moments

My sister Laura got Andrew this tool set for his birthday  (we just got to see her last week finally!  It  has been way too long.)  Let's just say, it was a HUGE hit.  Andrew has been fixing everything in the house all week. He always wears his protective glasses, and is so adorable.  Thanks, Laura!

Both kids LOVED this tool set.  Let me be more specific.  They each loved each tool.  At the exact same time.

His speech got rapidly more muffled and nasal-y the longer he wore these.  :)

Mike made Andrew a "turtle shell."  He was ecstatic.
As I said in my last post, this hasn't been a banner week for us, health-wise.  But Andrew and Emily have made us laugh quite a lot anyway.

  We went to the doctor to get Emily's rash checked out.  Our regular doctor, Doctor Wheeler, was on vacation, so we saw the on-call doctor.  When she came in, Andrew said, "It's a Doctor-Mommy!  It's a Doctor-Mommy!"  I realized then that he was excited to see a woman doctor and said "Yeah, it's a doctor who is a woman."  He looked puzzled so I said, "She's a girl, and she's a doctor.  Like......Dr. Wiseman from Curious George."  (For all you die-hard Curious George watchers, I realized after I said it that she is called PROFESSOR Wiseman.  :) Andrew lit up and said, "IT'S DOCTOR WISEMAN!  HEY, DOCTOR WISEMAN!"  She was a little confused, but was really nice, all the same.  Andrew has been asking to go back to the doctor ever since.

 Emily enjoys lording over Andrew.  If I say, "No, no, no Andrew.  Blah blah blah."  Emily will stand up with her little belly poking out and look at him sternly and say, "No no no!  Hey!  No no no!"  Also, Andrew will give Emily his bread crusts or whatever else he decides he doesn't want that day.  Emily, who in her own right has become a bit of a piggy, will start in on him as soon as they sit down.  She'll lean across the table (as much as she can in her booster seat), holding out her little hand and say, "Hey.  Hey!  Hey!  Hey."

  Today Andrew was running in circles around the living room and when he'd get to Emily, he'd stop and give her a hug.  About the third time around, he gave her a big hug and they just stood there for 2-3 seconds looking at each other and smiling, still hugging.  It was the sweetest, best moment.  I sure love those crazy little kiddos.


Mom said...

It's good to see that you are feeling well enough to post on your blog -- and that the kids are feeling like playing. I love those glasses on Andrew!!

Jeanette said...

Um...this post is adorable. Love it. Really love the turtle shell, the glasses, the hug, and the kids.