July 20, 2012

Park Day

Today was bearable outside!  Woohoo!!!!!  We took advantage of the evening and went to the park.  It was the first time Emily has really enjoyed her time there, so that was fun.  Andrew would spend all day outside if we let him, so he was happy.

Just maybe...this is my favorite picture of all time.

Jumping on rocks!

Emily's I'm-amused-and-proud-of-myself-but-oh-so-humble smile.  I love it.

Hey look!  I was there!


Mom said...

I'm glad you all had a nice day at the park because the weather report shows the lowest temperature for the next week to be 99 degrees. Of course that doesn't reflect the heat index. Have fun at Youth Conference. Wed. and Thurs. are 105 and 103. You really did get some cute pictures at the park.

Jeanette said...

What fun! It feels like forever since I last saw you guys. I guess it's only been since May but still....

Kelsey said...

AHH! You guys are so cute <3 I love seeing how your family rocks it in Columbia. I'm almost convinced that I should go to the park now too! Maybe I will :)