July 13, 2012

The boy

Andrew is three.  Very three.  He's a little ball of energy (as usual) and such a sweetheart.

Begged to wear my shirt one day, refused to wear his own clothes for 2 days.  Carrying around a teddy bear his daddy had when he was little.

Posing by his bed after helping Daddy make it one morning.  He was sooooo proud of himself.

Andrew LOVES piggy banks.  Daddy ordered him a good sturdy one, and every night when he gets home he'll give Andrew his change to put in his "piggy back."

Here he is making 2 "3s".  That's the answer to everything lately.  How are you?  3.  How old are you?  3.  What are you doing?  3.

Reading with Emily.

Family Pizza and a movie night.  It was Andrew's (and Em's) first time watching Bambi.  We only watched about 1/2 of it, skipping some of the parts that he was scared by, and he really liked it!  And Emily is a cheeseball.

This is the face he made during a lot of the movie.  Then he would smile and crack up.

I know, he desperately needs a haircut.  I just love that sweet little preschooler of mine.


Jeanette said...

Ok he's adorable. And that picture of him watching Bambi cracked me up. :)

Natalie said...

He looks just like Mike does when he watches TV :)

Mom said...

You get such good pictures of Andrew. I'm impressed. He's such a cute little guy with a very infectious smile.