October 16, 2010

What's up with the Jacobs?

Played with Mr. Potato Head, our favorite little spud.

Hanging out with the Hamiltons! Not quite sure where Amelia went! I think she's behind Melissa. We had a total blast with them, and were so glad they could come and play. :)
Trying to get the Book of Mormon read before November. I'm in the end of Helaman. Michael is pretty much done. Oopsie.

You, my dear, are a procrastinator.
Who? Me?!
(I believe I was procrastinating mopping the floor. Imagine that.)

Is he not the cutest little thing?? Love the hair and the level of concentration he has in playing with those toys...
We've been going on bike rides on the beautiful trails here in Columbia.

Mike and Andrew played in a little tent Michael rigged up. Fun stuff.

Procrastinating? Making weird pig faces for no one but myself to enjoy? Yep, that's apparently me.

I promise that's it for now. :) We're going to a Halloween party tonight, and I'll be sure to get some pictures up here soon. He looks so cute!!

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Adria said...

Could you please do the giraffe face?