October 8, 2010

Weird Kid

Kids are weird. I was no exception.
I thought little people lived in the stoplights.
I figured they would look out to see who needed the green light, and would make the appropriate change. I remember trying really hard to show the little people that I understood. When we got a green, I would ever so slightly incline my head in thanks to the wee ones above us. When we got a red, I would close my eyes and nod my head humbly, in the attitude of understanding.
I. Was. A. Weird. Kid. Of course, I grew out of that.

I then thought there were cameras, and there was a guy with two huge (I'm talking HUGE) buttons (one green, one red) who would take care of switching the lights. Need I say it again? Weird kid.

I like to think that maybe I was just a super imaganiative person, and that I still am. For instance, while doing a karate/exercise DVD last week, anytime I got super tired, I would imagine someone coming to hurt my family, and it would give me the extra boost I needed. Normal? Not as much as you'd think. In the short 2 seconds I came up with this brilliant plan, I already had a story line set up in my mind.

Andrew and I are in Shoe Carnival when some guy with a goatee and a do-rag snatches him up. I throw down the shoes I was trying on and chase him to the door. With one arm, I'm punching the guy, which in turn knocks Andrew out of his arms, and into mine....

As if I could actually do anything that coordinated. I literally punched myself in the jaw shortly thereafter, and I have the bruise on my chin to prove it. Smooth.

So the point of this really long rambly post is, I'm a really weird kid. But I'm nice.


Jensen Family said...

Karen- you make me laugh :) It's always entertaining to come to your blog.

timpani76 said...

The weird kid in me salutes the weird kid in you!

Jeanette and Jason said...

Um...yes. That made me laugh because it's funny.......and because I too sometimes daydream these types of scenarios wherein I am kicking the trash out of someone trying to hurt me and my children. I'm a loser. This I know. Usually this comes when I'm listening to an instrumental song that fits the scenario. Yes....I know.

Colton Anne said...

Karen...that is hilarious!! I love it! Our kids will motivate us to do anything sometimes right!??!

Jill said...

That was hilarious! I love that you totally just confessed all that. It made me laugh.