October 30, 2010


All of these pictures are accidentally in reverse order. Ah well. You'll read it anyway, right?

Here's Andrew, fascinated with the carved pumpkins. He was napping while we were cutting them, so this was quite a surprise. He calls a pumpkin a "ball" and that is ADORABLE.

Here we are with Andrew putting all the seeds back in the pumpkins. He did that for a long time today.
Shoving a seed through Daddy's pumpkin's eye.
The Bells with their lovely pumpkin, based loosely on Quentin's face here.

Here's Michael with his creation. Instead of cutting the top, he gave it a lobotomy in the back. He's creative, that husband of mine.
Here's Natalie pulling all the seeds out of the gunk. We'll be grateful she did that tomorrow when we eat yummy toasted pumpkin seeds! Thanks Nat!

The boys hard at work (when Mike wasn't trying to flick Quentin in the face with seeds).
The gang hard at work.
Gutting the pumpkins.
Hilarious of Quentin, and what face am I making here???

Here's our favorite little crustacean, chewing on his antennae.
Trick or treat? Let's just dive face first into the candy, shall we?
Love that little lobster tail.
He was the cutest little lobster ever.

Look! Andrew and Daddy both have claws. :)
Happy Halloween!


Jeanette and Jason said...

I love the picture of him diving into the candy. Smart kid.

Renae said...

When did he stop being a baby? He's a little boy!

Lori said...

He was absolutely adorable! Such a cute costume!