October 30, 2010

Social Butterfly

Andrew is definitely a little social butterfly. At the library on Thursday, he saw a group of workmen in a circle, ran over to them, and joined the circle. He then proceeded to put his two cents in, while they all cracked up and I came to take him to storytime. After storytime, he was flitting from baby to baby, talking to them, trying to sit on people (He does that when he really likes them. Weird.) and all that fun 17 month old kid stuff. Then a group of college kids came in doing a scavenger hunt. There were probably 30 kids. Andrew sees them, smiles and starts cracking up, and then goes and joins their group. He sidles up to this girl, pats her on the leg, and starts talking to a group of about 10 of them or so. Of course, they all ate that up. When they went to leave, he tried to go with them. Then the whole class came up to say goodbye to him, and he went back to playing with the babies. This kid doesn't know a stranger. And he's so adorable, they don't stay strangers for long. He's such a cute kid.

Here he is on Abbey Road.

This face totally cracks me up. Doesn't he look so dashing in his Sunday garb?
(Oh, and he's carrying around a picture of my sister Jeanette that she sent me on her mission- her head drawn onto a 1970's afro and bell bottoms. He found it in my Spanish hymnal. I had no idea it was in there. He loved it and carried it around all morning.)


Jill said...

How cute is that? What a funny little guy. I love his outfit!

Jeanette and Jason said...

He looks adorable. I don't remember this picture. If it's not gunked up then save it for me to see. Funny kid.