October 24, 2010

Pumpkins, Babies, Family, and the Phone.

Andrew and I went to a pumpkin farm on Friday with some friends of ours. He had a really good time, mostly running away from me. I got my exercise in that day, I tell ya. Here he is on a straw horse. He loved it, and didn't want to get off.

Feeding a goat. He thought this was hilarious, but had a little trouble with the concept.
Cute little guy.

I almost didn't get my head in, but I think this picture is adorable. I love that little sunflower of mine.

He kept falling down in the straw. The tongue really makes this picture awesome.


Playing with my old Cabbage Patch kid, Mort Barclay. (Seriously. Mort? Xavier Roberts, what were you thinking on that one?)
The funny part of this picture is that he knew he was being cute. He's such a little ham. We really love that kid.

Taking the baby for a ride.

Reading the dictionary with Grandpa Barnard.

Just relaxing with Grandma Barnard. (I know some of you must be wondering if the kid ever wears clothes all day. Answer? Not usually.)

He loves talking on the phone. He called my sister Jeanette the other day (with a little help from me) and talked to her for 10 minutes straight. He would have talked longer, but I spared my sister from hours of cutie babble. The phone wasn't actually on when this picture was taken, but we love to hear him say, "Hi! Blah blah blah......(pause) blah blah (laughter) (pause)..." It's like a real conversation, and it's the cutest thing ever.


Law Fool said...

Thanks for posting these. It's fun to see you two while I'm at school

Jennifer said...

Mort? I love it. My most-played-with Cabbage Patch Kid's name was Stanley Coleman. I have no idea how they could have possibly run out of name possibilities there at Babyland General, but apparently they did.

Laura said...

I see that little guy is taking his little guy for a ride on an adorable ice cream truck that his legs are actually long enough for now. HMMM. Probably the last gift I get him that he will like that much. For example - this Christmas - CLOTHES!!!!