December 17, 2009

What we've been up to:

(mostly the kiddo)

Where is he? See him? Sleeping at night, with his faithful rhino watching o'er.

Shopping at Hobby Lobby for Natalie's present...

Wearing really cute (girl) pants, trying to decide what he should watch.... (He has no TV privileges by the way.)

Glistening with drool in the morning light. I love that little smile he gives sometimes.

How can one kid be so adorable?? I see this view a lot. I love the way his hand looks holding onto the TV stand.

Maybe the cutest outfit ever. (minus the bib)


Jeanette and Jason said...

Seriously the sweetest, cutest little guy. I love his little feet sticking out of the crib. ADORABLE!
When did he get old enough to do these bigger kid things. Man!

timpani76 said...

Oh! I had to see the crib picture big to see the cute little feet hanging out!

Jennifer said...

Adorable pic of those tiny baby feet!

But, more importantly, what is this talk about girl pants? I zoomed in close to take a look, and Asher has that exact same pair of pants. So are both our kids wearing girl pants? I don't believe it.

Mom said...

Love the feet!