December 11, 2009

Go, Go, Go!

Andrew is a crawling maniac now. He also has learned how to sit up, and how to pull himself up. This results in lots of climbing, falling, hitting his face on stuff, etc. I've taken to putting him in his playpen when I can't watch him, which he hates. That kid loves to move. Sometimes if I'm cooking or something, I'll leave him for brief spurts of time. And I'm not kidding when I say - Sometimes I can't find him.
"Andrew! Where are you?" Should I REALLY be having to say this to my 6 month old?
Behind chairs, all the way across the room, between the TV stand and the movies (which he had to crawl over a semi-high stack of movies on the floor to get to), by the kitchen, etc. I always find him (obviously) but I'm often shocked at how quickly he gets from here to there. He is so cute.
I should have known he'd be a mover and a shaker. My ribs took quite a beating before he made it into this world, officially. And....I'm tired.


timpani76 said...

Vance was an explorer from the minute he started crawling. I was told to get down on my hands and knees and crawl around so I could "see" what needed to be baby proofed. It was actually pretty good advice, and then I felt better about letting him go where I could not see him all the time. QQ, on the other hand, wanted to be carried everywhere until she was almost 2 ;)

Mom said...

He's sounding a lot like a combination of Michael #1 and Michael #3. How scary is that?