December 17, 2009

Christmas Activity Days

I had the girls over last night for a cooking night. We made beef taquitos and ice cream sandwiches. Can you guess which they were more excited about? Especially when they asked, "How many can we make?" and I replied, "As many as you want." Their eyes popped right out of their wee little heads.

It was a huge success, because who doesn't love going to leader's houses? One of the girls apparently lives across the street from me, much to our surprise, and she mentioned it..........I believe 85 times. Another little girl went into the bathroom to wash her hands and exclaimed, "OHH! It's so cute! It's like a little shower station!" Not really sure what that means, but it did crack me up. Another girl said, "Nice place you have here." Ah, to be so grown up.

I gave them all a paper ornament and a Christmas card before they left. They were soooo excited. I have to admit I had fun, too, and we're planning a Valentine's Day party here. Any ideas?

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Littlest Liz said...

Valentine idea: you could Heart Attack someone. Have them cut out hearts (if you trust them with scissors... lol) and write nice messages on them, and then go heart attack some old woman or something. :P