April 28, 2009

Words I hate....

I was just thinking about this, so I thought I would torture all you blog-heads out there. What words do you hate? It seems everyone has their pet peeve-words. For me (besides all the swear/otherwise vulgar words), I can't STAND most shortened words. For example- Fab. Hubby. Preggers. Delish. Prego. They bug me. Every once in awhile and it doesn't really bother me, but when people ALWAYS refer to the time when they were "preggers", I just want to yell, "Does it REALLY take that much longer to finish the word?!" Furthermore, I hate when others refer to husbands and wives as "mates." Makes me feel like an orangutan or something.
What about you? What words bug the snot out of you? Or am I just crazy?


Amy said...

Shortened words, you say? Such as... maybe... chee-chee? Or refree?

Jeanette and Jason said...

:) Oh man did Amy's comment make me laugh. So funny. Please pass the refree. Although did we say please?

timpani76 said...

I dislike the word "breast" I always said "nursing" not "breast feeding". I also don't care for the word "panty", I prefer "underwear" or "briefs". I don't like "butt" I taught the kids to say "bottom", which sounds cute coming from a 3 year old. It truly bugs me when a parent says "let's change your butt!" to a kid in diapers. I also don't like it when parents tease their kids by calling them "brats".

Ummmmm, I'm sure I have about a million more that I just can't think of right now ;)

kirsten said...

i hate 'packet' and 'portion'.
and i have no explanation for that.

i hate the 'preggers' one, too - also 'yummers'.

maybe any shortened +ers word, too.

Jennifer said...

"my bad."

and "vacay." (short for vacation.)

And just so you know, I am quite fond of saying the word "shellac." And when I was a kid I loved to write the word "cheerleader" in cursive.