April 11, 2009


Anyone else scared to death of the Easter Bunny?

I started my life thinking that the Easter Bunny was a cute little regular bunny and was happy to let him into my home. Then.....I saw people dressed up as the Easter Bunny.

And I became frightened.

The idea of a huge staring rabbit with a perpetual smile sneaking into my home, raiding the fridge for our hard-boiled eggs and then hiding them throughout the house just seemed....well, creepy. I'm not still scared of it, but I think I'm going to tell my son that the Easter Bunny looks more like the following bunny. And then I'm going to eat his chocolate bunny. And smile...

And then I'm going to find this bunny and thank him, because he is the epitome of cuteness. Oh, yeah. And Happy Easter!


Jeanette and Jason said...

Yeah, a walking, giant, apparantly mutated bunny is wierd. Perhaps the Easter Bunny hopped through the green ooze in the sewer. It never freaked me out but it is wierd.

Jennifer said...

Honestly, when I was a kid I always pictured the Easter Bunny as the human-sized rabbit with the faux fur. A real one though. Not with a human inside. Somehow an actual rabbit seems less competent to me.

You know, I've actually been the human-in-the-suit, though. Two years as Easter Bunny for a local Easter egg hunt when I was a teenager. I found that the little kids weren't so interested in me as they were the candy-filled eggs. It was the pre-teens that gave me trouble. Asking me questions about why the Easter Bunny had on Converse high tops. And shoving their faces up in the eye so they could try to figure out who was inside.


timpani76 said...

You know, I can't remember how I saw the easter bunny when I was a kid. Is that weirder?

kellyfamily4 said...

Hey Karen, hopefully you remember me, or now I just look like some weirdo, how found your blog, i found it through Micahs! I used to be Nikki Perkins! Congrats on the baby!! What else is new!