April 15, 2009

Catching up a bit...

  1. I got the worst haircut ever. I went in to even out my "I-let-this-cute-haircut-grow-out-way-too-long-and-now-it's-looking-a-bit-ridiculous" haircut get evened out. I came out looking as if a deranged pigmy baby had attached to my head and bit random chunks out of my hair. Combine that with the fact that the weird lady who cut my hair told me my hair was dry, so that was why it was hard to cut my hair, so I should buy some of the shampoo they sold and it was a not-so-great experience. Needless to say, I'm going after work to get my poor hair fixed today. Wish me and my dry hair luck.
  2. Jellybean has decided to all of the sudden grow huge. He's 5 lbs 11 oz and is growing strong. He's decided that using my bladder as a pillow and then kicking his feet out to whack my ribs is a pretty fun way to spend the day. It's ok. He's worth it. And we CAN'T WAIT to meet our little guy.
  3. I only have 22 days of work left and then it's stay-at-home-mom time. I'm definitely looking forward to it, but it's kind of a weird thought....
  4. Mike got another job, so he'll be working with a contractor during the day and then in a parking garage in the afternoon-late evening starting tomorrow night. I will never see him again. :( But he is excited because he says, and I quote, "I feel like a struggling dad. Kinda cool." I love that guy.
  5. I hope Jellybean looks like Mike. He's such an ultra cutie, and was a super cute baby. As long as he doesn't look like the recent ultrasound picture (which resembles a scary clown/Skeletor), then I'm happy.
  6. Jeanette needs to come visit this weekend cause otherwise I may be alone........Allllllllll alone............... *Sniff, sniff* I'd feel like Stacey when she first moved to Stoneybrook from New York. That is, BEFORE she joined the BSC. :)
  7. The Baby-Sitters Club. It was so dumb. And I loved them. Ok, so I got one from the library to relive the old days. And it makes me laugh. Pretty hard.
  8. I don't normally read the Baby-Sitters Club. Don't worry about my sanity. At least not for that reason.
  9. My little brother sent a joke he made up, and it made me laugh. "What did one fetus say to the other?................It's a small world!" I liked it. I made up a joke (my dad would be so proud...). "What did the foot say to the shoe?...............................Cover me. I'm going in."
  10. I'm loving the names Christopher Wyatt and Andrew Charles this week. A whole lot. What do you think?

That's about it. :) Enough rambling for tonight.


Renae said...

I hate bad hair cuts!! So sorry! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who read queer books when they were young. I used to read Sweet Valley High books. So gay. I bet I'd probably strangle myself if I tried picking up on of those now a days.

You and Mike are such a cute couple!! You'll be great parents!

Jeanette and Jason said...

I'm sure trying to come down. We are going to try to jump the junker tomorrow to see if it will work so Jason can take it to work. I don't know though. I sure hope. I asked Monday off so hopefully I get it off. If the car is runnable I may have to go to the youth dance Sat night. I'll let you know. I like both those names. Holy cow. 22 days of work. (is that work days or days total until you quit?) Man, I seriously can't wait until that little guy is born and then I wish I could only work 2 days a week so I could spend time at home and a bunch of time with you and the lil' babycakes. I love that little guy.

timpani76 said...

I read Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club. I definitely think Sweet Valley High was more soap operaish (ie sleazy teen stuff).

I still like some of the books I read when I was young (young women, little princess, etc.)

Babies definitely do not look like ultrasound pics. I thought Vance looked like a penguin in his pics, definitely not the case on coming out of me ;)

Mom said...

Where did you go for your haircut? You have to find a person you can trust and stick with them. You will have to find a new one in Columbia. Ask a friend who has good hair. Will you be coming down any time before the baby is born? You will definitely have to call us when you start for the hospital.

Jennifer said...

So, why don't we get to see pics of the weird haircut?

Jennifer said...

Oh, and your "I'd feel like Stacey..." remark completely made me laugh today. Ah, Babysitters Club. Those were the days.