April 25, 2009

Currently NOT reading.....

WHY am I currently not reading?

First off, somehow I got started on a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman marathon. Yes, even though I spend 1/2 the time thinking, "Dear heavens...ANOTHER man from the town is in love with Dorothy?? Do they HAVE to play flute music every time they mention an Indian or we see one? Does Dr. Mike REALLY have to butt into everyone's problems? Why hasn't someone knocked out Hank yet? Am I still watching this?" But, sadly, I kind of enjoy the insanity.

Second off, I am NOT currently reading The Wednesday Letters. Why, oh, why did I get on a kick of reading books about husbands dying of cancer? I didn't even know that was what was going to happen in this book, but after the 1st chapter, I had to put it down in disbelief. That's the third one in a matter of a couple months. Talk about depressing myself.... So I went to my old standby - Jane Austen. Gotta love that lady.


Jeanette and Jason said...

So true, so true. You make me laugh so much about DQMW. I've thought the same things.

Yeah, I hate reading/watching movies where the husband dies. For a long time Jason kept wanting us to watch the movie with Sandra Bullock...um....Premonition. Well, I won't watch it even though I kind of wanted to. Those movies just make me sad so why watch them. Blah.

Mom said...

I read "The Wednesday Letters" but was disappointed in it. I had hoped it was more upbeat. I have put down a couple of books this past week. They sounded like they might be good, but then they had some bad language and I figured, " I don't need this." Too bad; the plot was good.