April 27, 2009

Just thinking....

Forgive the serious moment here. I was at my desk humming “O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown” and all of the sudden was filled with such a happy feeling. I just felt very close to the Savior and very thankful for the love He has shown to me. There’s a line from that song that says “Thy mercy is extended To ev’ry time and land.” I love that. Somehow at church yesterday, that thought hit me in a way it never had before. EVERY time. EVERY land. EVERYone. Wow. What an amazing, incomprehensible, and truly noble gift. I’m not a huge fan of songs about the crucifixion –mostly because it seems that often they’re depressing and just……I don’t know. But that song really does make me grateful for the Atonement as a whole, and Jesus Christ as my true friend. The 4th verse just kind of epitomizes my feelings.

What praises can we offer
To thank thee, Lord most high?
In our place thou didst suffer;
In our place thou didst die,
By heaven’s plan anointed,
To ransom us, our King.
O Jesus, the anointed,
To thee our love we bring!

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Amy said...

We just sang that song in stake choir. Apparently it was new to a lot of people. I like the line, "The very foes who slay thee have access to thy grace."